Are Gerald and Kaleb Cooper related?

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Gerald Cooper and Kaleb Cooper are both television personalities who rose to fame through their appearances on the popular Discovery Channel show, “The Last Alaskans.”

Gerald Cooper is a third-generation Alaskan who grew up in the wilderness of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He is known for his expert hunting and trapping skills, as well as his deep connection to the natural world.

Kaleb Cooper, on the other hand, is a former mechanic from Missouri who came to Alaska to work for Gerald as a mechanic and ended up becoming his apprentice and close friend.

Despite their different backgrounds, Gerald and Kaleb share a deep love and respect for the rugged Alaskan wilderness and have formed a strong bond through their shared experiences living off the land.

They have become fan favorites on “The Last Alaskans” and have inspired many viewers with their grit, determination, and love of nature.

Are Gerald and Kaleb Cooper related?

As for whether Gerald and Kaleb Cooper are related, according to information on the internet, they are not related and there is no publicly available information that confirms a familial connection between the two.

However, given their close relationship, it is possible that they consider themselves “family” in a non-blood sense.


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