Are Katie Flood And Tom Schwartz Still Friends?

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Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood were wed from 2019 to 2022.

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney (formerly Katie Flood), who gained notoriety for their roles on the reality TV series “Vanderpump Rules,” were wed and gave the impression of being a couple.

The show’s main plot revolves around their friendship, highlighting both their challenges and their happy times together.

They’ve experienced many highs and lows together, such as the engagement and marriage that followed, which were heavily emphasised on the show.

Are Katie Flood And Tom Schwartz Still Friends?

According to Tom Schwartz’s statement to E! News on November 21, he and Katie Maloney are now “really good friends.” “We haven’t like friend-zoned each other,” Tom continued. “We stay in touch.”

The main focus of the the reality TV series “Vanderpump Rules,” has been Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s relationship.

Their journey together has been chronicled, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of their union in the setting of reality TV.

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