Are People With The Same Last Name Related?

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A surname is in other words referred to as a family name, or last name.

Last name is the mostly hereditary portion of one’s personal name that indicates the family one identifies with.

Last name is typically combined with a given name or first name to form the full name of a person and this depends on culture.

Differences in culture can make the surname of a person placed at either the start of a person’s name or at the end.
The number of surnames given to an individual also varies as just one in most cases.

It is however different in many Spanish-speaking countries as two surnames are used for legal purposes.

Are People With The Same Last Name Related?

People who share a common last name are not always related. Last names or surnames can be shared between unrelated people who are not biologically linked.

Just because you have the same last name as your fellow does not make you siblings or related since there are many common names.

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