Are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran still friends?

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Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s friendship hasn’t changed over the years.

Taylor, 31, and Ed, 30, have known each other for almost a decade, and in spite of the success they’ve both enjoyed, their friendship has remained unchanged.

Taylor told ‘Entertainment Tonight’ how steady her friendship with Ed has been and how reliable he has been through the years.

“What’s been so great is watching him as a person and, you know, we’ve both been through so many changes but it stays the same with us. It’s one of those friendships where the friendship doesn’t move even when life moves. He’s a wonderful wonderful friend. He’s always there when I need to talk.”, she stressed.

She added that, “It’s nice to have someone who has the same kind of stresses and challenges in life … I love him.”

Ed also told Rolling Stone in an interview revealing how solid he stands for his friend. “She’s omnipresent because she’s the most famous woman in the world…. I always stick up for Taylor”, he said.

The duo are still having a lovely friendship together.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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