‘As A Celebrity I Deserved To Be Paid’ – Speed Darlington

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Darlington Okoye, the Nigerian musician also known as Speed Darlington, has asserted that he deserves to be compensated for “being a celebrity.”

The rapper, who is living in the United States, made the remarks while appearing on the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, which is co-hosted by actor Nedu.

Recollects that Speed Darlington recently came under criticism after several fans called him out for asking for money before giving them a hug or taking their picture.

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Meanwhile, Speed Darlington claimed on the program that he was entitled to payment solely for “being a celebrity.”

“I really think I should be paid for being a celebrity,” he stated.

Nedu told him that he wouldn’t be a celebrity if his fans didn’t love him.

But Speed Darlington refuted his claims, saying, “What generates that love? Why them no hug mad man for road?”

Check out the video of him speak below;


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