As He Consoles His Wife, Davido’s Brother Adewale Adeleke Talks About His Wife’s Suffering.

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Adewale Adeleke celebrated his wife’s birthday last year by giving her a sizable present on social media.

In the Instagram post, Adewale thanked his wife for the birth of their child and surprised her with a present of a car.

Adewale claims that the gift of the car is insignificant in comparison to the one that his wife gave him a few months back.

Davido’s older sibling Adewale Adeleke wrote a birthday letter to his lovely wife Kani, who is also the mother of their daughter.

He said that despite the hardships his wife has faced this year, God understands what is best.

The Adeleke family’s first son commended his wife for her strength on his Instagram profile.

As He Consoles His Wife, Davido's Brother Adewale Adeleke Talks About His Wife's Suffering.

He reiterated his love for her and thanked God for providing him his woman.

Adewale Adeleke, who is praying for her, is confident that his wife will triumph over whatever challenges she faces.

“Happy birthday, my lovely wife!” You’ve been through so much already this year. God is the wisest. You are incredibly resilient, and you can handle anything. Every day, thank God for you. On this auspicious day, I love you and wish you nothing but eBay.


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