Asake Ignites Breakup Rumours With Girlfriend Madame Mystique

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Asake, a well-known Nigerian artist, has found himself in the center of a slew of breakup rumors with his girlfriend, Madame Mystique.

Fans who have been attentively following the duo’s social media activity have fanned the rumor.

In order to voice her concerns on Asake’s recent online behavior, particularly on Instagram and Snapchat, a worried fan took to social media.

She saw that he was posting more motivational content, which suggested that a new chapter was beginning in his life.

His girlfriend’s conspicuous absence from his recent posts surprised a lot of people, as it went against their previous shared experiences, which routinely adorned his social media accounts.

Asake ignites breakup rumours with girlfriend Madame Mystique

Madame Mystique, Asake’s alleged girlfriend, canceled and disabled her Instagram account, which added to the speculation.

This move has raised concerns that the once-inseparable couple has separated.

Despite significant speculation and discussion among fans and followers, neither Asake nor Madame Mystique have released a public comment regarding the status of their relationship.


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