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Asantewaa Allegedly Regreted Marrying Her Husband After Becoming Famous And Meeting Her Manager

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Asantewaa and her manager have been a point of concentration for netizens. They have vowed not to let the two have anything to do aside from their core mandate as a manager and a star. Any little thing that they see they carry so high and raise their eyebrows.

During the birthday celebration of the TikTok star, her manager was there to help her cut her birthday cake and there are issues coming up from that action. Some have asked that the manager stops smooching her and now others are of the view that she has regretted marrying her husband after she became a star and met her manager.

One would wonder where all this stuff is coming from. How did they manage to know she regretted it? There have been many dating rumors from that camp and now that they are adding more flesh to it after videos from the birthday grounds made their way to social media.


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