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Asantewaa Trolled For Not Bathing After Going To Bed In Makeup

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I am beginning to wonder if trolling is a course that is being studied at various universities and people have gone through all the courses and have even graduated because when they want to troll, they do it in a way that you won’t even have a voice to defend yourself.

Asantewaa the famous TikTok star has found herself on the web as she shared a post from which netizens have it that she did not bathe before going to be which is why she woke up with makeup on. even the expression of view was done mathematically and that is to say that, the fellow meant what he was doing.
it is now clear that social media is not for the faint-hearted, because, what goes on there it is only those with the heart to withstand it that can be there.

One thing that I have realized is that even those that talk about others do not even know them in person.


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