Aventer Gray weight loss before and after photos

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While working as the singles pastor at a New Birth Church in Lithonia, Georgia, where Aventer was a dance instructor and involved with the youth ministry, Ator Ohn Gray met his future wife. A deep bond between Gray and Aventer developed in the youth ministry as a result of Aventer’s grace and leadership in the dance ministry, which left Gray speechless.


He was immediately enamored with her after witnessing her commitment to dancing. Evidently, in a building as big as a church, he would find himself sitting next to her twice. Who would have imagined that we’d be seated next to each other twice in a room with 8,000 people, he recalls.


Gray and his wife Aventer have been blissfully married for more than 8 years at this point. The pair is still together and raising their two children despite Gray’s alleged affairs. On a well-known program, Gray and his wife discussed the “emotional affair” that occurred between the man of God and an unknown woman.

Aventer Gray weight loss

Talking about her weight loss, this is what she has to say:

“I have to say, that after watching tonight’s episode of @vh1 @familyhustle, I truly thank God for my weight loss and although filmed a while ago, I am recharged to continue and get back on the journey to health.

I can’t allow “stay at home” to help me get back to the me I have tried so hard to leave behind. Ok, Thyroid, you are no match for me. I, in my @curve_athletics, am recommitting to the prioritization of maintaining the weight I was happy to get too.

That TV weight is a beast too, but lol, Alllllright. Who’s with me? Im working on some accountability measures for myself and some of my friends to check in and ensure we are taking care of ourselves, even if it is a few mins per day!

These pics are from 4 days ago! Doing well, but much more to be done! I must say that this new one strap waist trainer from sis @tashacobbsleonard is sooo comfy and I love it! It doesn’t hurt that it’s my fav color either! You all should grab yours now!!”

Aventer Gray weight loss before and after photos


Source: Vimbuzz.com

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