Ay Makun explains how his long-running argument with Basketmouth began.

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Ayo Makun, an award-winning comedian, actor, and director, has revealed how their long-running feud with Basketmouth, also known as Bright Okpocha, began.

When a fan inquired about the misunderstanding between him and Basketmouth in a question-and-answer area on his Instagram stories in May 2022, AY was questioned by media personality Chude Jideonwo about why he talked about having an uncontrollable superiority complex.

The box office king reminisced about 2006, when he was still single and struggling to support himself, and explained what sparked their feud. He claimed that while filling in for Basketmout at a function, he wasn’t paid the thirty thousand Naira (at the time, gold) that he was due.

Ay Makun explains how his long-running argument with Basketmouth began.

“In 2006, Basketmouth typically gets gigs like weddings – multiple gigs on a Saturday, maybe two or three weddings,” he claimed. Therefore, he used to attend one, then later abandon the location and catch up in the other location, at which point you would need someone else to fill in for you. That was the chance he gave me, and I am still grateful for it today.

“A funny thing occurred. I received his approval to go fill in for him at one of the gigs, per se. Normally, we receive N30,000 at that time, and at the moment, that amount meant the world to me. It would allow me to purchase my pack of indomie, recharge cards, fuel for my “I better pass my neighbor” generator, and the chance to hire one or two additional people to perform one or two quick skits with me.

“When I received this job, the attendees weren’t too happy to see me because they were expecting a Basketmouth to arrive. Short version: Following the show, the guy was pleased. Contact information was shared. I then departed.

“I haven’t seen 30k for two weeks in a row. Iponri was starving, so I didn’t see the 30K, so I asked for it. He said this individual hasn’t remitted, this person hasn’t you.

“And after that, I was like, ahhn… But this person, na, shebi you say you were pleased and impressed? Give my oga some cash, have my oga pay me, and all that. For me, it doesn’t matter if you pay Basket $100,000 for the work; my $30,000. Knowing that the entire payment had been made well in advance of the event was very amusing.

“After analyzing the circumstance, I sent this message to this one and vice versa. They consequently began fighting and other things. I didn’t do that because I wished to get at Basketmouth per say. I took that action because I was rushing around and needed to put food on the table at the moment because I was hungry.


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