AY, Mike Godson, Alex Ekubo And Others Get Into A Furious Argument On Ik Ogbonna’s Real Age

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In a comical video that has gone viral, famed Nigerian actor Ik Ogbonna is once again the center of attention, after being wrongly accused of lying about his age.

In a recent video, Ik was seen socializing and having a good time with Mike Godson, Yomi Casual, Funny Bone, Alex Ekubo, and other business partners. They were all having lively chats.

As the conversation went on, one subject inevitably led to another, and Alex Ekubo seized the opportunity to go more into the intriguing subject of learning his friend’s true age.

After his mother’s burial, Alex attempted to question his father to find out how old Ik Ogbonna truly was, but he encountered a crafty deception, as he described.

Not to be beaten, Ekubo brought up the matter again on a recent visit to Ik’s father’s home. He was taken away when Ik’s father suggested that Ik might be older than 50.

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One of Ekubo’s friends, who witnessed the entire exchange, was present to back this unexpected discovery.

Ik Ogbonna’s age claims were ridiculed by AY Makun, who did so with typical comic flair. His brother Yomi Casual also contributed quips.

As anticipated, Ik Ogbonna angrily refuted the accusations. Funny Bone, however, remained the lone defender, adamant in his belief that Ik Ogbonna is, in fact, still in his mid-30s, despite the jokes.

Ik Ogbonna denied his age, but Alex Ekubo remained unaffected and continued to believe Ik was lying. Ekubo gently questioned Ik about his suspicions in the hilarious video.


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