Baby Cino funeral, burial, obituary, memorial service

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Baby Cino’s death has made a lot of people heartbroken, especially as his death came a few minutes after he was released from jail.

Baby Cino was ambushed and shot dead after he branched onto the Palmetto Expressway while riding in his red Nissan together with his driver and best friend Dante’ Collins Banks, 20.

He was known in real life as Timothy Starks. He was released on Wednesday afternoon March 16, 2022, after posting a bond on a gun charge.

Baby Cino’s mother gave a bit of clarification to the media stating: “My son was OK. He was talking. He was just shaken up because his friend got shot.” She added that Banks was treated at a local hospital and discharged.

Meanwhile, detectives from the Miami-Dade police department told the Herald that “a dark-coloured vehicle was seen fleeing the area at a high rate of speed”.

They also told the paper they are investigating whether the shooting is connected to previous incidents in recent months, including “a series of public ambushes in recent months believed connected to Miami street gangs.”

Corrections spokesman Juan Diasgranados said: “Miami-Dade Police is handling the investigation and the surrounding circumstances regarding this incident.”

Meanwhile, a single arrest is yet to be made.

Baby Cino funeral

Details about Baby Cino funeral is yet to be released into the public by his family.

Baby Cino burial

Baby Cino burial information is yet to be provided by his family as at the point, they are still in shock and disbelief over the death of the love.

Baby Cino Obituary

Vim Buzz is told the obituary posters would be made available in a couple of days. They are said to be waiting on the official autopsy report.

Baby Cino memorial service

We will update you on Cino’s memorial service once his family and friends are made available.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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