Back In The Groove Where Are They Now?

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A dating reality program on Hulu called “Back In The Groove” follows three single women in their 40s who want to mix things up by meeting younger men. They are on the prowl when they come across 24 available males jostling for their attention at The Groove Hotel.

The power of elimination ultimately belongs to the women, who get to whittle down the field until they select their ideal mates, despite the bachelors’ best efforts to dazzle on group dates or emotional one-on-one conversations.

It centers on three ladies who check into a resort in the Dominican Republic in an effort to reclaim their youth, live blissfully, and fall in love with younger guys.

Back In The Groove Where Are They Now?

Following its debut, the program drew a diverse viewership. Back in the Groove is one of the dating programs that has captured the hearts of its fans, to put it simply.

Since then, the program has become a huge success, and now viewers are even more curious about the participants’ location. This season’s show’s three primary competitors are Steph Michaels, Brooke Mora, and SparkleHyche. For more fascinating information about its competitors, keep reading.


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