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Bath Herbs To Save Your Life – Black Sherif Told After Old Lady In Funeral Cloth Throws Herself On Him At An Event

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While others see nothing wrong with what happened, some have sent word of advice asking that the artist get some herbs and a bath so as to clean off any bad luck that might have been imparted in him by that gesture.

It all happened when at an event, a lady clads in black took the artist unaware and got to him holding and praising him for the obvious reason. He has been adjudged the artist of the year and that is what everyone is celebrating now.

She was very focused on what she was doing and that is to get the best out by praising him. That gesture has been seen by some as and mere show of joy over the state of the artist now while others also have their interpretation.

The woman is still unidentified and that is what is causing the worry but it is cool to have people celebrate you.


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