BBNaija Season 7: Phyna And Amaka Fight Dirty (Video)

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Given how intense the relationships among the housemates are becoming, the “Level Up” season might be referred to as a “season of gbas gbos.”

Not barely a week has passed and already housemates are yelling at one another.

Phyna and Amaka got into a heated debate in the first house.

Without Beauty and Bryan’s intervention, what might have been a minor disagreement between the women almost escalated into a physical altercation.

Phyna described Amaka as telling her that she wanted to understand the thoughts of the other roommates.

As a result of her fear, Phyna informed Amaka that it was hard to understand her housemates’ thoughts.

Phyna tried to avoid making a big deal out of her statements, but Amaka persisted in bringing them up.

Amaka’s continual chatter irritated Phyna, who labeled her as “Manipulative” since she believed Amaka’s ideas to be strange and manipulative.

Amaka broke down in tears because she didn’t like being dubbed a “manipulator.”

If not for the help of the other housemates, Amaka fired out at her with some unprintable obscenities, and a fight almost broke out.

Just 24 hours had passed since the second group of housemates entered the building, but already tensions were rising among the residents, according to Kemi Filani news.

Over a wager task, Bella and Chichi nearly got into a serious argument.

After Chichi threw out a suggestion for their wager work, things between the women deteriorated.

Bella didn’t like Chichi’s suggestion for the group because she wasn’t present when Biggie gave the housemate instructions.

The women argued in an effort to get Chichi’s attention on Biggie’s directive.

Biggie had given the directive that each member of the squad had to bring a special expertise to the job.

Chichi, who seemed to be the ‘bossy’ kind and tried to draw her attention to it, took offense at her comment and slammed her.

Chichi sought a reorganization of the group, adding that she had noticed how those who were adept at dancing were grouped together.

Chichi asked for adjustments, but Bella wasn’t having her assertive nature.


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