#BBNaijaReunion: Deji Used To Clean For Me And Give Me Assurance – Chichi [Video]

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Chichi, an ex-Big Brother Naija competitor, chastised Deji for being pretentious about how he felt about her in the house.

She added that whenever they are with their other housemates, he acts as if he is reading from a script and stays in character.

Chichi mentioned as much in a clip from the next BBNaija reunion episode, “Level Up,” and said that when they are with together, he becomes a whole other demeanor.

She claimed that Deji had done her housekeeping, assured her of his love, and even assisted her in organizing her clothes after doing the laundry.

#BBNaijaReunion: Deji Used To Clean For Me And Give Me Assurance – Chichi [Video]

Her announcement stunned every former contestant, including Deji, who was participating via Zoom from the United States.

‘When we are outside, this guy, its like there is a written script he will be in character automatically. But when we are inside this boy can clean for me, he will help me fold my clothes, he will assure me,” she said.

In reaction, Deji, whi is a Pharmacist, exclaimed in shock as though to suggest she was fabricating the story.


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