BBTitans: Are Khosi And Blaqboi Having A Relationship?

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Back a few weeks, Blaqboi was accused by Khosi of having feelings for her, but he disputed it and everything appeared to be fine.

However, the two have raised eyebrows because of their growing closeness in the wake of Blue Aiva’s expulsion from their ship, which she shared with Blaqboi.

They both talked extensively about Miracle OP, who had just been eliminated, and Yemi Cregx right after the live performance on Sunday.

Khosi joked about napping next to Blaqboi today and questioned whether he would evaluate her. Being a gentleman, Blaqboi said it had no significance. Blaqboi was wrong, in Khosi’s opinion, and it was a big deal for someone to abandon their bed and take a nap in someone else’s bed.

Was Khosi making out? There may be a developing bond between the two, but we are unsure.

Since Yemi Cregx, her first in-house love interest, was evicted, Khosi and Thabang have grown quite close. After the pool party on Thursday, she and Thabang shared a smooch, which went viral on social media.

Khosi has a gift for switching her focus between Thabang and Blaqboi, regardless of which one she prefers.



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