BBTitans: Finalists’ Top Two Celebration Outfits

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The Big Brother Titans housemates have a reputation for dressing to the nines. With their impeccable fashion sense, flawless makeup, and eccentric styles, former and current housemates have consistently made for entertaining television. We’re looking at two of their sexiest looks as an homage.


Every time the performer, dancer, and actor dons a suit, he unleashes his inner gentleman, and he rocks it like nobody’s business.

… and here he is rocking a casual appearance while still looking sharp. Ladies, be sure to find a guy who is capable of both.

BBTitans: Finalists' Top Two Celebration Outfits


Ipeleng rocked this black ensemble at the “vices personified” celebration on Saturday night, and she has the diva look down pat.

Ipeleng seems to have the superpower of being a diva who can also be the attractive lady next door. Check out another of her adorable and understated looks from one of the Saturday night gatherings.

BBTitans: Finalists' Top Two Celebration Outfits

Kanaga Jnr

Kanaga Jnr has organized two separate in-house fashion shows and has been praised as a fashion icon by his fellow housemates as well as you. Therefore, it is anticipated that he looks amazing when he dresses to the nines for parties.

We liked how this outfit from the “vices personified” party reminded us of a fashion villain.

If he doesn’t do something amazing with his tresses, is that Kanaga Jnr?

BBTitans: Finalists' Top Two Celebration Outfits


Khosi lives, drinks, and sleeps fashion, and it was clear throughout the entire season as she made sure to stand out with her own distinctive style. Check out her in this incredible crop top, which reveals her edgier side.

She exudes rocker and diva qualities in this adorable gown.

BBTitans: Finalists' Top Two Celebration Outfits


Tsatsii once referred to her style as minimal or, even better, “simple, yet sophisticated,” and we have to admit that she delivers. She wore a straightforward black dress and pulled her tresses back. Both inside and outside the home, people gawked at the sight.

In a second black gown with subtle silver accents, Tsatsii also displayed a piece of her sassy side.

BBTitans: Finalists' Top Two Celebration Outfits


Throughout the entire season, Yvonne has exuded the aura of a fashion model, and even Kanaga Jnr commended her for being a walking advertisement. She definitely kills those celebration outfits, as is evident.

When Yvonne arrived at one of the Saturday night gatherings dressed beautifully in Ibibio, she gave us some traditional queen vibes.

They have done their best in terms of fashion, and we can be confident that they will continue to dazzle us outside the home.

BBTitans: Finalists' Top Two Celebration Outfits


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