BBTitans: Justin wants to know more about Khobang’s issues.

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Justin investigated the Khobang ship and the reasons why they appear to be in peril tonight.

Justin visited Khosi in Sandton after the celebration on Saturday night. He inquired about her relationship with Thabang and any problems they were experiencing.

Khosi was quick to charge Thabang of failing to defend her and being indecisive about their joint endeavors. She used Yemi Cregx’s choice to choose her over Blue Aiva and make it public as an illustration to further her point after calling out their relationship of hiding and seeking.

Khosi also disclosed that she had overheard conversations between Thabang and other roommates regarding her and that she did not appreciate how Thabang did not defend her during those conversations. Justin inquired about Khobang’s past and how they came to be an item in an effort to better comprehend the situation.

Khosi claimed that following her altercation with Jenni O, she and Thabang began to pursue. She added that Yemi Cregx was unaware of her and Thabang’s closeness until other housemates began talking about it. She added that because Yemi Cregx was purposefully being with her, she decided to stay with her rather than initiate a relationship with Thabang. Thabang continues to battle with this quality.

Justin made an attempt to defend his buddy by bringing up Thabang’s age and arguing that Khosi shouldn’t hold a 21-year-old to the same standard of maturity that she would hold a person in their thirties to. In her reply, Khosi said that while she had previously valued what Thabang had contributed to the table and wished activities had taken place outside the home, she was now unsure.

Has Khoyemi taken on the form of Khobang? Only time will tell.


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