BBTitans: The Nominations Have Been Made

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The Royals became the first pair to take home the HoH title twice on Big Brother Titans during the most recent Head of House challenge, breaking the previous record.

However, there wasn’t much time to rejoice because the Royals were agonizing over who to save this time around as the pairs hurried off to discuss nominations.

The nominations went as follows.

Blaqleng: nominated Juivola and Yelisa
Juiovla: nominated Blaqleng and Kaniva, but then changed it to Blaqleng and Yelisa
Juvone: nominated Khosicle and Yelisa
Kaniva: nominated Juiovla and Khosicle
Khosicle: nominated Juiovla and Kaniva
Royals: nominated Juvone and Khosicle
Thabana: nominated Kaniva and Yelisa
Yelisa: nominated Juiovla and Juvone

Juvone, Juiovla, Khosicle, Yelisa, and Kaniva were named as the pairs up for eviction after Big Brother made the announcement.

The Royals’ save and replace was revoked and they were added to the list of nominees as a result of Tsatsii discussing nominations with housemates besides her partner before they were announced. Consequently, the nominees for this week are:



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