BBTitans: The party of moral failings

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The housemates dressed up for the party tonight in costumes that reflected their alleged vices.

Everyone is aware of how much the Saturday night celebration is anticipated. However, Biggie made the decision to add a little excitement to the proceedings. The housemates were told by HoH Tsatsii in the early evening that the evening’s theme would be “Vices Personified” and that it tied in with the previous week’s theme of money. Humans often possess both virtues and vices due to wealth, and since the virtuous side had already been explored in the task execution, Biggie wanted the housemates to investigate the vices via their characters at the party.

The housemates were assigned the following vices:

Ipeleng – Envy

Yvonne – Pride

Khosi – Greed

Tsatsii – Wrath

Ebubu – Gluttony

Kanaga Jr. – Vanity

Justin – Sloth

Thabang – Greed

Blaqboi – Envy

The housemates were then told to use their makeup, face paint, and any other accessories to personify these vices.

The news of the celebration got the housemates excited, and they started getting ready for it right away. Thabang and Blaqboi both added wigs to their costumes, and Blaqboi also added some facial paint to go with his attire.

The women had their faces painted to the nines and all looked stunning in their stunning attire.



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