Be Careful What You Drink At Parties – Kemi Olunloyo Warns


Famous Nigerian journalist who doubles a pharmacist, has cautioned her fans against going to parties and drinking everything they are served.


According to Kemi, most people serve a mixture of alcohol and other drugs which poses a very severe danger to the human body even on its own.

She went on to say those female attendees must be very careful as they end up being raped after their drinks are spiked.


“Be careful what you’re drinking at private parties. Some people lace their punch bowl with drugs. Zobo + Vodka + Tramadol +Codeine syrup = Gutter water. Female party attendees must be extremely careful as you could be raped or taken advantage of”, she wrote

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On several occasions, female party lovers were left vulnerable and taken advantage of after losing consciousness or becoming weak as a result of taking in spiked drinks or taking more alcohol than their bodies can handle.

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