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Beautiful Young Lady Says “Yes” To Marriage Proposal Of Her “Handsome Old Man” Boyfriend

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Love they say has no boundaries and that has become very evident in the life of a very pretty lady known as “Mya Jesus” on social media and her handsome old boyfriend.

A post made by the lady on social media suggested that she said yes to the proposal of her ‘old handsome boyfriend’ without considering their age gap or what social media users would say.

She shared photos of their lovely moment with the caption:

“I said yes 💍 On the 28/11/2022 I said yes to my best friend, my love, and true soulmate. (after almost a month of talking and few days of dating) 😅

I always knew that the person I would finally say yes to would come easy, with no struggle, no questioning, no pains or breaks, I knew I wouldn’t have to go through “a lot”, I wouldn’t have to lower my standards to deserve a long lasting love, so is safe to say I manifested you, you came with no warnings and loved me the way nobody else ever did, you understood all my love languages, I did not have to tell you what type of man I like, you came and showed me what type of man you are!

I always say you remind me of nobody and that’s the truth, you’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of, the most patient, loving, and kind man I know, when I count my blessings I count you twice.

You’re my biggest cheerleader and you always strengthen my faith, I couldn’t ask for a more handsome and Godfearing man, the real definition of if a man wants to?

He will, and that God always has the best saved for us. and when is God’s timing? Nobody can stop it 🥰

I love you so much and I only hope the best for us, we manifested each other, we prayed to find each other, and from day 1 it just felt right, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, 2 months in, a lifetime to go, I love you zaddy ❤️”


Even though a lot of people believe the man might be too old for her, this could be purely based on love and happiness.

See the post below:

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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