‘Being A Celebrity Is Boring And Lonely’ – Ayo Adesanya Cries Out

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Ayo Adesanya, a well-known actress, bemoaned how monotonous and lonely it can be to be a superstar in a recent interview.

Contrary to popular belief, being a celebrity may be extremely isolating, according to the single mother who has made her way in the fantasy world. People believe that when they are famous, they have the world at their feet. In reality, it’s really lonesome. People believe that a celebrity’s life is rosy and exciting. To ensure that life doesn’t become monotonous and lonely, it all comes down to the individual and how they choose to live.

“Many people believe that because Nollywood is popular, actors and actresses get paid well. But what do we actually make? We are well-known, yet we don’t have any money. It is up to the performer, though, to use their notoriety to make money through things like brand endorsements and other means, she added.

She responded to the notion held by some that wealthy actresses get money by having sex with the wealthy by asking, “Were you present when money was exchanged for sex? You need proof before you can accuse someone (to back up your claims). In Nollywood, there are decent, hardworking people. Of sure, there could be actors in the business who are only there for the fame and not for the acting itself.


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