Being A Mother Is A Full Time Job Stay At Home And Take Care Of Your Children – Reno Omokri Advises Women

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Controversial Nigerian lawyer and socialite has advised women to stop chasing money and stay home to take care of their kids rather than leave them in the hands of nannies who do all manner of damage to the kids in the absence of their parents.


According to Reno Omokri, God arranged marriage as a partnership where the man provides and the wife takes care of the home. He argued that the trend of women also fighting for income as seen today is contrary to God’s design.


“The ideal family is one where the husband provides for the family, and the wife cares for the home. Wokeness rejects this, but wokeness did not create marriage. God did and Scripture is very clear. So stop accusing women of gold digging when they look at your income when you look for their hand in marriage.


Man was created by God as a provider. Woman was created as his helper. If you as a man have nothing to provide, you need a job, not a helper. Don’t marry when all you can be is a sufferer, rather than a provider! Women who refuse your suffering are not gold diggers.”


However, a fan of his who goes by @the_gramdstyle argued that though a man must have a source of income for his family it is equally okay if a woman would want to make some money for herself.


“I totally agree that a man should have a source of income, I also believe a woman should also have a source of income, in fact every living human being should work”.


In response, Reno iterated that being a mother is a full-time job that requires every iota of attention possible. He added that nobody can look after a child as his or her own mother would.


“In case you are not aware, the most tasking job on Earth is the job of being a mother. From the delivery room, to the living room, a mother works. Being a mother is a full time job that is physically tasking and emotionally draining. A lot of damage is done on Earth when women have children and leave them to nannies and maids to raise while they pursue money. Nobody can look after your child like you…”


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