Being broke is better than making money illegally – Man says

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Illegal means of making money has become a social canker that is eating deep into the youths of today. In these days, it is very common to see many youths with wealth from unexplainable sources.

Even some young lads are now proud to talk of making money through internet fraud — it has become the order of the day.

And with our conscience seared on the reality that it isn’t a good thing, the issue of getting comfortable from making money through illegal means keeps going up every passing day.

Well, a Twitter user has taken to the bird app to reveal that if making money through illegal means is the only way available, then, it is better for him to remain broke.

His post has drawn reactions from a lot of other users. Some do agree with him whereas others also say because of how hard the economy is, it is difficult to make money legally.

Being broke is better than making money illegally - Man says

How then can we make money legally?

One thing worth noting is that the youth of today are generally lazy — they want quick money. Yet, they are not ready to work hard enough.

They always hide under the umbrella of ‘work smart instead of working hard‘ to defend their laziness. But, life doesn’t work that way.

You need to break your bones if you truly want to make money.

Even now, there are so many legit means you can make money online by just sitting at the comfort of your homes.

I would briefly open your eyes on a few things you can do to make money online:

  • Start a YouTube channel: Youtube pays creators thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. It is one hell of a gold mine out there. The airtime you use to watch videos on TikTok, watching xxx videos, and chatting unnecessarily from morning to evening can be used to start a YouTube channel, and it’ll bring you cash in the long run. You can read more on this online.
  • Start a blog: A blog is also another goldmine. Although, it has a lot of competition in recent times, there is still a place for you to make ends meet. Read on it extensively for more knowledge.
  • Trade bitcoin: This requires a bit of capital. But you can start small. Use platforms like Binance to help you. You can also learn on this.
  • Trade Forex: Forex is also another avenue, watch tutorials on youtube to see how to go about this. If possible, pay mentors in this field to help you. A few people I can recommend is Kojo Forex, Sandile Shezi — you can search them all on Instagram to get connected. Make research on the yourself.
  • Start Fiverr: You can help fix problems for people on this platform and get paid for your work. Read on it.
  • Learn photoshop: You can use this to design logos for people and earn some cool cash.

The list would not end today if I want to expound on the many means of making money online. So please do your due diligence by researching and starting something today.

Admittedly, I would love to note that all the things listed above are not easy to do — but assuredly I say unto you that with consistency, you shall make it!


Source: Vimbuzz.com

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