Bella And Daniella Becoming Acquainted?

and spent some of their post-workout mornings in the bedroom getting to know each other. Bella posed the majority of the questions, but Daniella provided honest answers to all of them. The first topic they discussed was who Daniella would have chosen if she had Veto Power.

Daniella would have chosen Bryann, Chichi, Adekunle, or to create a balance of one man and one woman. Bella had no choice but to go with – surprise, surprise!

Bella And Daniella Becoming Acquainted?

The topic shifted after the ladies laughed when they heard Bryann snoring while sleeping with one hand on his back. Daniella expressed her admiration for him as a friend, and the conversation evolved into an interview. Daniella was forthcoming when Bella asked when her ship sailed with .

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She informed Bella that the ship only sailed during their second week at ’s House. She revealed that she was initially not attracted to him and that they only began talking on the first day of the Season. Daniella went on to say that Khalid’s “proud confidence” turned her off, and she decided not to pursue him any further.

Bella continued the interview by asking Daniella, “Who entered your eye?” Bella stated that she had heard it was , which Daniella confirmed. It all started at the first Saturday Night Party, but their conversation ended with Dotun saying, “we’re going to make good friends,” and Daniella saying she decided to move on.

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Bella And Daniella Becoming Acquainted?

Khalid approached her that Sunday after noticing Dotun and Daniella had spoken the night before, and she succumbed to his advances. When Bella asked if she was excited about knowing Dotun after the Houses merged, she replied quickly, “no.” She went on to say that she doesn’t care about getting to know him any further, despite admitting that she likes him.

Bella concluded their conversation by informing Daniella that she had nominated her after noticing how well she performed in one of the Tasks. That, according to Bella, made Daniella a threat, and she wanted to remove the threat by having her Evicted.

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