Benin Big Boys Shut Down An Event In Grand Style As They Spray Thousands Of Cash

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Some big boys believed to hail from Benin shut down an event by spraying thousands of Naira in the air for no reason and the video is actually trending right about now.

The video which is trending at the time saw the gentlemen holding bundles of cash in their hands and spraying them recklessly in the air.

A lot of people have since been quizzing where they got the money from. A few are also stating that the monies being sprayed are token 20 Naira notes. We managed to get a few reactions on the video and they are shared beneath:

  • The person wey go count this money go work in vain!! After picking one full ghana must go..
    Total = 2,420
  • 😂😂 it’s the face for me… de serious de spray 20naira notes 😭😭😫
  • No be 20naira bill be that abi my eyes don dey lie? So he carry N5k total dey raise shoulder? Wawu 😂
  • I legit zoomed to confirm if it’s truly Nigeria’s 20naira notes or mama charlie 😂 Haaaa 🙆🏾‍♂️ The celebrant offend you before? How he wan pick all these banbiala money now? Not nice 😂
  • The money might not even be up to 5k😂
  • Nonsense and ingredients 😂😂, who will now count and pick this money na lol 😂. Una won copy my igbo brothers doings abii? 😜😜
  • Which kain stress una dey give the celebrant now? How dem wan take count all the N20 notes 🥺
  • The banker that gave then these notes should be arrested 😂😂

Watch the video below:


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