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Berla Mundi Net Worth And Salary

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Berla Mundi is a media personality, radio host, voice artist, and supporter of women from Ghana. She is a dynamic individual who has become a global brand and one of the top women in Ghanaian media.

She has been promoting herself as a young leader for a long time and has grown interested in youth advocacy and sustainable development initiatives.

The TV host has gained recognition as a powerful person in the media throughout the years by doing her job with professionalism and effort.

Berla Mundi is from where in Ghana? The media personality was born in Ghana’s Greater Accra Region.

Mama Ruby Mundi of Accra, Ghana is Berla Mundi’s mother. After her mother turned 60 years old in 2017, she celebrated her mother’s birthday. Berla Mundi belongs to which tribe?

The TV host is from the Ga-Adangbe ethnolinguistic group’s Krobo Tribe. She celebrated her rite of passage, which prepared her for introduction into womanhood according to Krobo traditions, on March 13, 2020.

Berla has had outstanding success in the media industry. She has presented several award-winning shows in Ghana, including The Drive Time on Starr 103.5FM and The Late Afternoon Show on GHOne TV.

Berla has won numerous more accolades and garnered other forms of acknowledgment for her work. Some examples are: Awards for Ghanaian Events People’s Choice Celebrity Awards Presented by RTP Glitz Fashion Awards Awarded by Avance Media Ambassador for the Young Star Award in TVET

Berla Mundi Net Worth And Salary

Berla Mundi is estimated to be worth $400,000. She owns two saloon vehicles and a residence in one of Accra’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Her salary is undisclosed.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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