Bernadette Hunt Health: What Health Problem Did Bernadette Hunt Have?

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Star of Gladiators Falcon, Bernadette Hunt, has died aged 59, her family has shared. Hunt was a regular face on the hit show when she began in 1993 for Gladiator’s second season. As the Falcon, she was known among fans as being the nicest Gladiator and remained on the show until 1999. After leaving Gladiators, Hunt worked as a fitness instructor.

Before joining the show, Hunt went to the London Contemporary Ballet School but saw her path change after suffering a back injury.

Hunt later became a bodybuilder and went on to win titles as Miss Natural Health in 1992, Miss Novice Britain, Miss London and Home Countries 1992 and Miss South Britain.

Bernadette Hunt Health: What Health Problem Did Bernadette Hunt Have?


The health problem Bernadette Hunt had was breast cancer which she had been battling with for years.

Her death was announced by Rick Jango, her sister’s partner, in a Facebook post which stated: “It is with great sadness that I have to tell you of the death of my partner’s younger sister Bernadette Hunt…Most people will remember her as Falcon from the hit TV Show Gladiators. I had the privilege to be in her company a few times & I have to say she was one of the most lovely people I have ever met”.


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