Australia is well known for its amazing music and so, you need to know about some of The Best Australian Bands of all time.

It is important to know because you could just be on a watch for the moment that they will treat you with nothing but the best music.

Let’s take a look at the list of The Best Australian Bands Of All Time below:

20. Regurgitator:

The first on our list is Regurgitator who comes from Brisbane. They have been together since the year 1993 treating music lovers with nothing but the best of music.

Their eighth studio album which was titled Dirty Pop Fantasy released in 2012 formed one of the country’s most-loved rock bands.

19. Powderfinger:

Just as Regurgitator, this band was formed in Brisbane in the year 1989. Since its inception, they have released 7 albums and that was between the years 1994 and 2009.

Sadly, they went their separate ways in 2010, and that kind of angered a lot of their fans.

18. Midnight Oil:

This band is well known because of their political affiliation In year 1987, they released a political song titled Beds Are Burning.

This song touched on returning land to the indigenous Aboriginal people. In the year 2007, one of the band members Peter Garrett joined the Australian Labor Party and was appointed Minister Of The Environment.

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17. The Saints:

This band had a successful career until their split in 1978. After they released their debut 7″ (I’m) Stranded in September 1976, they made history by becoming the first band outside the US to issue a “punk” single.

Their disunity did them a bit of harm forcing both influential band members Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper to become solo artists respectively.

16. Howling Bells:

This band was formed in 2004. They are Sydney Rock Band. Members of this band are Joel who plays the guitar and vocalist Juanita Stein.

They have released a total of four albums with the recent being in the year 2014 and dubbed ‘Heartstrings’.

15. The Sleepy Jackson:

This Australian band has released two albums – Lovers (2003) and Personality – One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird (2006).

They are very successful and well-loved.

14. Cut Copy:

This band was formed around Melbournian DJ and musician Dan Whitford. In 2004, they released their debut album titled Bright Like Neon Love.

They have released quite a number of albums which include 2008’s In Ghost Colours and 2017’s Haiku From Zero.

13. Pendulum:

This group emerged from Western Australia and delivered some amazing projects. They however went into hiding in 2012 and later returned 3 years after.

They are actively playing shows.

12. Wolfmother:

The Wolfmother band is based in Sydney and has a number up to 3. They featured Andrew Stockdale on guitar and vocals and later released their album in the year 2015.

The album featured one of their amazing songs titled ‘Woman’. After that, they have some more albums to their credit which includes 2009’s Cosmic Egg and Victorious in 2016.

You need to watch them perform.

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11. INXS:

Michael Hutchence is the frontier of this band. They happen to be Australia’s biggest musical export after the release of Kick, an album in the year 1987.

In the year 1997, the death of their frontier Michael Hutchence hurt the band and almost crippled them however, they continue to play some more shows and have recruited new faces to feature in the band.

10. The Vines:

Craig Nicholls is the frontier of this band. In 2002, their debut album which they titled Highly Involved was magical.

It had some interesting songs like Highly Evolved, Get Free, etc. Nicholls’s bad behavior saw the band near collapse as a lot of influential people walked out from the band.

At the time, Nicholls is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and continues to rock with the remaining members of the band.

9. Empire Of The Sun:

This band is an Aussie supergroup that is well-loved. The band is made up of The Sleepy Jackson’s Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore of Pnau.

Their album titled as themselves release in the year 2008 did some good to them and they continue to do great with their music.

8. Jet:

Jet’s biggest hit was in the year 2003 as songs like Are You Gonna Be My Girl?, Rollover DJ, and Look What You’ve Done formed part of their debut album dubbed ‘Get Born’.

Brothers Nic and Chris Cester were the backbones of this band.

6. The Avalanches:

The Melbourne DJ jointly made a big blow in 2000. Their first album titled Since I Left You had a good mix of songs that were memorable.

It had samples and scratches. Many people thought that was the end but after 16 years, they followed it up with a project they tagged ‘Wildflower’.

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5. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds:

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds are the masters of Australian rock. Cave made his introduction in the troublemaker/goth outfit The Birthday Party back in 1978.

The band disintegrated in 1983, passing on Cave to shape The Bad Seeds, which have delivered 15 collections. 1996’s Murder Ballads saw him collaborate with another Australian symbol – Minogue.

4. AC/DC:

These are the Godfathers of Aussie Rock. This band was formed by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young who were Glaswegians who moved to Sydney in the 60s.

They have crossed over 4 decades and their music still rocks hard.

3. Gang Of Youths:

This band had David Le’aupepe as its frontier. Since Hugh Jackman, Gang Of Youths is the hottest to ever come from Australia.

They have grown beyond Australia after the release of their second album titled ‘Go Farther In Lightness’ in the year 2017.

2. Tame Impala:

Tame Impala is a Perth’s psych-rock formed in the year 2007 did some good. They weren’t kind of accepted until they released a single titled ‘Elephant’ in 2012 and it made a world impression for them.

Perth’s psych-rock revivalists formed back in 2007, but it wasn’t until they released the single Elephant in 2012 that they made an impression on the wider world.

1. DMAs:

DMAs in their own little way is very big. Their debut single Delete was released in 2014 and in 2018, they released “BIBLICAL” by our Liam.

Due to their hard work and dedication, their cover of Cher’s Believe made Number 6 on Triple J’s Hot 100 in 2016.

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