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Social media in shock to learn that Bianca’s first child wasn’t Riky Rick’s biological daughter.

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Mzansi is currently on fire to learn that Bianca’s first child, Jordan wasn’t Riky Rick’s biological child. The news was revealed when Bianca was giving her final speech at her husband’s funeral at the chapel.

Bianca stated in her speech that she and Riky Ricky has been together for nine years and were blessed with a son, Maik. We all know that Bianca’s daughter, Jordan is currently 13 years old and this gave us the clue that Jordan wasn’t Riky Rick’s biological daughter.


Read the full speech of Bianca below:

“Today, I’m here to pay tribute to my partner and my soul mate. When I think of nine years together, here are some of the things I’m most grateful for. He was an amazing father to Jordan, and they had the most incredible bond from day one. She brought selflessness to his life.”

“Riky and I were then blessed with our beautiful son Maik. Our children taught Riky and me the importance of family values. He loved teaching them new things, opening and stretching their thinking. Expand their horizons and open to new possibilities. He took a keen interest in their hobbies and passions and invested in them. Things like cooking, art, music, and skateboarding.”

“We loved taking family trips, and they taught us to connect with the locals and embrace ourselves in the culture of whatever land we found ourselves in. He loved her deeply, he was her biggest protector and biggest fan, and he will continue to be.”

“As a partner, he always encouraged me to come out of my shell and allow myself to step into the light and conquer my shyness. He wanted me to figure out what I wanted to do for myself. God made it that we found each other in his lifetime. I was put in his life to love him, care for him and help her fulfill part of his purpose. I felt deep and pure love.”

“My King, my heart, my forever love, thank you for giving us all that you had. Part of my role was to enable him to shine his light on the world. His love for me was honest, authentic, and charming. He often said I was saving his life without realizing that he was saving mine. Thank you for choosing me and teaching me, and for believing in us. I will forever be grateful for your gift of you. I promise to take care of our children and to keep your memory. I promise to continue fulfilling your purpose and honoring your memory,” Bianca said.

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