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Big Brother Mzansi 2021 prize money announced

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The Prize money for Big Brother Mzansi 2021 has been announced and from the look of things, this is huge.

After years of break, Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 is officially back — and it is bigger and better. The audition of Season 3 of the show is over. However, you can start preparing yourself as you wait for Season 4.

This year’s show would be published across all countries in Africa to increase its reach and appeal on the market. Especially because of the great command that Big Brother Naija has gained over the years.

The organisers of Big Brother Mzansi 2021 has revealed that they looked for authentic individuals who are shameless about displaying their lifestyle to the world under 24/7 camera surveillance for 100 solid days.

The contestants must also meet all their set conditions.

Some of the new methods used in auditioning the season 3 contestants is them filling a form with their details and making a two-minute video explaining why they would be perfect housemates. It is expected that Season 4 could employ different methods of auditioning.

Currently, season 3 is at its vetting stage and contestants who made it to the interviews stated will be notified no later than 28th November.

Where are the contestants of the previous Big Brother Mzansi?

  1. Chelsea, one of the contestants who was very loud on the show is now a restaurant manager in Qatar. She was Mbali Nkosi’s partner. On the show, she was very loud but now, she is surprisingly living a quite life.
  2. Matthias Matthee, he is also now a leather artisan — living most of his life off the prying eye of the public. He has also shaved his famous dreadlocks.
  3. The joint winners — Ntombi and her husband Ace were arrested in the possessio of drugs. They have seen laid low from the public eyes.

Prize money for Big Brother Mzansi 2021

The prize money for Big Broher Mzansi Season 3 has been pegged at 2mllion rands. Contestants would be competing for this grand prize aside from other goodies.


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