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‘Big Brother’ Season 24 Kicks Off With Bigger, Wilder HOH Comp and Surprising Twists

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Older sibling started off another season on Wednesday, and host Julie Chen Moonves had a few major exciting bends in the road for the 16 new houseguests who moved into the Big Brother family.

The show started by presenting the new houseguests, four all at once, to the desert celebration themed house, and the Big Brother Fest contest.

The visitors each got an extraordinary pass, which guided them to one of three Big Brother Festival stations – – the Porta Potty region, the Merch Stand and the Piercing Station. With five houseguests in every area, that main left one – – Joe ‘Dog’ Pucciarelli – – to sit in a brilliant privileged position as the supposed Backstage Boss.

Prior to uncovering what that would really involve, the three gatherings of five houseguests all needed to go head to head in various difficulties. The Porta Potty competitors needed to pay attention to discussions happening outside the Porta Pottys and afterward answer inquiries regarding the discussions accurately.

The people who addressed wrong – – or addressed accurately yet the slowest – – got showered with a downpour of blue paint, until only one remained. The victor of that test, Monte Taylor, accordingly procured the honor of contending in the season’s most memorable HOH comp.

In the mean time, the Piercing Station challenge saw the houseguests need to cut stage adornments onto their appearances the quickest, and Matthew Turner ended up winning. With respect to the Merch Stand challenge, the five houseguests needed to linger palpably suspended from a T-shirt. Daniel Durston figured out how to outlive the rest, and got the last opening in the HOH comp.

The primary HOH rivalry itself was shockingly clear after what went before it. Monte, Daniel and Matthew went head to head straight on in a speed hurry to see who could open up a monster gearbox and gather an immense drum pack puzzle the quickest. After a nearby test, Daniel figured out how to pull off his second win in succession and turned into the season’s most memorable HOH.

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So what was Pooch’s entire arrangement as Backstage Boss, you could inquire? As Julie uncovered, it’s something of a gift and a revile.

While he is Backstage Boss – – which is a transitory job – – Pooch can’t contend in any HOH contests and he can’t cast a ballot in any removals. Be that as it may, he is protected from removal.

While that appears as though something of a gift, Julie uncovered that he needed to name three different houseguests – – none of whom he knows nearly by any means – – to go along with him behind the stage. They also can not contend in HOH comps or decision on removals, and can’t be assigned. Nonetheless, not at all like him, they are undependable from getting removed. This, clearly, will be a significant differentiation.

Basically, as Backstage Boss, Pooch unexpectedly became answerable for exploding the methodology and interactivity of three other irregular houseguests and perhaps projecting him in an extremely bad light. Likewise, he just had the length of a business break to do as such.

Eventually, he conceived seemingly the most attractive method for going with such an erratic choice – – he picked the three individuals who each were wiped out first in the night’s initial three smaller than normal comps – – Paloma Aguilar, Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes. The plentifully regretful Pooch might have saved himself by involving his power in as fair a manner as could really be expected.

Be that as it may, Julie added to the secrecy of the primary ousting night, let the houseguest know whom Pooch pick, ” you three are behind the stage for the week. Keep in mind, despite the fact that you three can’t be designated for expulsion, there is no assurance you won’t be the primary house visitors returning home. I’ll leave you with that.”

Fans should see what that eventually implies when Big Brother brings Sunday back. New episodes air Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

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