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‘Big Brother’ Stars Bayleigh Dayton And Swaggy C Announce Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C have a child on the way! The Big Brother alums took to Instagram on Wednesday to declare they are expecting their most memorable youngster together subsequent to experiencing a premature delivery in 2018.


“To have a child coming in GENERAL… is a gift. Be that as it may, to have a child with my number one individual in the universe? It makes it stunningly better,” Swaggy inscribed a pic of himself kissing Bayleigh’s developing stomach.

“Everybody’s been asking where I’ve been. No accounts. No posts. No YouTube. No online courses. I’ve quite recently been preparing and moved my concentration to Bay for half a month realizing our child is showing up soon.”


In a post to his Instagram Story, Swaggy affirmed that Bayleigh is as of now in her third trimester and will be “conceiving an offspring in half a month.”

“At first, Bayleigh and I planned to keep silent until our child was conceived.


Not a single word until birth. We as of late chosen to uncover on her bday around fourteen days prior,” Swaggy made sense of.” If you see this and are distraught we didn’t tell you, we needed to safeguard OUR tranquility, and hush up about it ”


“To Bay, I’m so honored to have a youngster with you. I love the delightful way open we are the amount we convey, and all that we’ve experienced. Our relationship isn’t a great fit for everybody, except IDC, it’s 1000% for me,” he proceeded. “… To our child, we will give you the WORLD. All that I do is for YOU! You will have the best life ever, I swear. THE BEST LIFE EVER!!!! We’ll see you in half a month. Cheers to our child. I love you until the end of time!”


In her very own post, Bayleigh spouted about becoming a mother and doing as such close by her better half.

“Being a mother is all I’ve needed as far back as I can recollect. I used to fantasize about being a spouse and a mother and presently I am experiencing those fantasies,” she subtitled full-glitz pics of herself flaunting her gut.


Bayleigh went on by conceding that “today feels somewhat weighty to post about my delight of bringing life into this world, taking into account the grieving families who we recently saw losing their children so viciously,” regarding the grade school shooting in Texas on Tuesday that killed 19 understudies and two grown-ups.


“For me to say that I haven’t been stressed over bringing a child into this madly startling spot would be clearly false,” she composed. “Yet, my request is that my child will be a light to this world. That the person will be a caring commitment that carries harmony to us as well as every individual who crosses their way.”


Tending to her past unsuccessful labor, Bayleigh stated, “My most memorable pregnancy didn’t occur the way that I had envisioned it. It was an impromptu and unexpected shock.”

“In any case, when I figured out I was pregnant that child was the main thing that made a difference to me by any means,” she composed.


“At the point when I lost it, I was crushed. I never truly recuperated from the misfortune. I simply didn’t feel like I could ever figure things out. It took me until this year to at last feel great once more. Then, at that point, and really at that time did God favor me with this little supernatural occurrence.”


To Swaggy, Bayleigh stated, “Thank you for staying with me through the hardest long stretches of my life. You came to me in a tempest and you cherished me to say the least. This is the reason not entirely settled to give you and our new family the best this life brings to the table. Much obliged to you for gift me with a definitive present.”


“To the individuals who have been asking where I’ve been, minding me and sending me love throughout recent months. I value you so much!” she finished up. “Much obliged to you for adoring me and supporting me while I got some margin to sustain my development in harmony. I can’t really accept that I will be a mama in half a month.”


The couple likewise shared a video on their YouTube channel, which chronicled their relationship up until they figured out that they were anticipating.

Bayleigh and Swaggy met and became hopelessly enamored on season 20 of Big Brother in 2018. During their experience on the show, they considered their most memorable youngster, yet Bayleigh eventually experienced unsuccessful labor.


The video incorporated a clasp they kept around the hour of the premature delivery in which Bayleigh said, “I would’ve been blissful if I somehow happened to have a child. It would’ve been a gift. We were both truly invigorated when we found out. We were both ridiculously vexed when we figured out we lost it.”


In present time, Bayleigh made sense of her most memorable pregnancy, “Swaggy and I had just known one another 23 days. At the point when I figured out I was pregnant he was at that point off the show. I was sitting close to a maker with a positive pregnancy test and I didn’t have the foggiest idea how he planned to respond.”


The year after their premature delivery, the couple sealed the deal. In the video, Bayleigh shared the second she figured out she was pregnant, which shocked her, as she’d taken the pregnancy test spontaneously.


“Something enormous simply occurred. I just took a pregnancy test and it says [I’m pregnant]. I’m in shock,” she said, prior to uncovering that she stepped through three examinations to affirm the news.

Swaggy strolled in as Bayleigh was recording and found his significant other remaining before the camera, holding three positive pregnancy tests.


“Wow I was not anticipating that,” Swaggy said, seeming shocked. “… I’m extremely blissful, coincidentally, I’m simply in shock.”

“We were not attempting, yet we were effectively not on conception prevention interestingly since we’ve been together,” Bayleigh said. “… This is our second month not on contraception.”


In a present-day confession booth, Bayleigh cleared up her and Swaggy’s underlying response for the news. “We both appear to be exceptionally dispassionate in the video, yet we’re both so profound, however overly sensitive of one another,” she said.

Presently, that had opportunity and willpower to reflect, Bayleigh spouted, “This is enormous information.”

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