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The CEO of Gayle Enterprises, Inc. is Bill Gatzimos. Prior to leaving in 2009, he spent 23 years working for Fine Gifts & Jewelry, Inc. in Crystal’s. Nashville, Tennessee, is where the couple currently calls home.

Bill Gatzimos lives a quite and modest life. Therefore, retrieving information about him is close to impossible. However, Bill is well-known for being the wife of country singer, Crystal Gayle.

Bill Gatzimos bio

Bill Gatzimo is famous for being the wife of Crystal Gayle. The couple tied the knot on June 3, 1971, and are blessed with two children. There is not much available information about Bill. His date of birth and other personal details have been kept discrete.

Bill Gatzimos Wikpedia

Bill Gatzimos is not featured on Wikipedia.

Bill Gatzimos net worth

Bill Gatzimos’ net worth is not documented.

Bill Gatzimos occupation

Bill Gatzimos is an entrepreneur. He has been the manager of Gayle Enterprises Inc for the past 46 years.

Bill Gatzimos age

Bill Gatzimo’s age is unknown. He may be between the ages of 70 and 80 years old.

Bill Gatzimos height

Bill Gatzimos’ height is unknown.

Bill Gatzimos weight

Bill Gatzimos weight has not been published on the internet.

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