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Bill Maher Blasts ‘Dangerous’ Religious Fundamentalism Behind Attack On Salman Rushdie: ‘Don’t Come At Me With Islamophobic’

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As Salman Rushdie battles for his life subsequent to being ruthlessly wounded Friday while conveying a talk in front of an audience, Bill Maher stood in opposition to the conditions basic the assault on the creator.

Rushdie, Maher’s companion and continuous visitor on his politically charged HBO syndicated program “Constant”, has been living under a fatwa starting around 1989, when Iranian ruler Ayatollah Khomeini gave a request for Muslims to kill Rushdie because of the supposed obscenity contained in his book The Satanic Verses.

“The news isn’t great,” Rushdie’s representative, Andrew Wylie told the New York Times, uncovering that specialists had put Rushdie on a ventilator to relax. “Salman will probably lose one eye; the nerves in his arm were cut off; and his liver was wounded and harmed,” Wyle said.

Maher tended to Rushdie’s assault on Friday’s version of “Continuous”, That’s what let watchers know “a companion of mine, a dear companion of mine, old buddy of this show, got cut today.”

Charge Maher recalls @SalmanRushdie on #RealTime.

“Try not to come at me with Islamophobic” pic.twitter.com/jv4nxLwUhs

— Bounce Brigham (@BobBrigham) August 13, 2022

Maher made sense of that “Sal had a few foes previously,” alluding to the Ayatollah’s fatwa, and nitty gritty the conditions of the assault.

“Sal was in Chautaugua, he was giving a talk — how’s this for incongruity — about how the U.S. is a place of refuge for scholars and different specialists under danger of oppression,” Maher said.

“Furthermore, giving that discourse itself is unbelievable in most Muslim nations. Salman Rushdie living in most Muslim nations, without getting wounded consistently, is unbelievable,” he added.

“So don’t come at me with Islamophobic,” Maher said, countering the people who might believe his analysis of Islamic fundamentalism to be Islamophobia.

“Phobic means dread, correct? All things considered, Sal had a valid justification to be unfortunate. What’s more, when you say phobic, it’s simply a method for closing off banter. You know, they use transphobic, Islamophobic, and we ought to have a discussion about this,” he said.

“These things don’t disappear,” the Maher closed. “Islam is as yet a significantly more fundamentalist religion than any of different religions on the planet and that implies they treat what is in the blessed book in a serious way and that has been risky for quite a while. It’s as yet risky.”

“Ongoing” visitor Piers Morgan called attention to that it’s Islam that is hazardous, however fundamentalism inside each religion, especially when it encroaches upon somebody’s capacity to uninhibitedly talk.

“The safeguard of free discourse begins with something you can’t stand,” Morgan said, making sense of that one can contradict another person’s perspectives, “however you ought to have the option to endure their entitlement to have an alternate assessment.”

Morgan said he’s seeing America move in a comparative course, contrasting the assault on Rushdie with entertainer David Chappelle being gone after while performing in front of an audience.

“It’s nuts,” Morgan said.”When you stray into viciousness, it ends up with Salman.”

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