Bita Farrahi Obituary, Cause Of Death

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Professionally known as Bita Farrahi, Bita Lahrakhani, was an Iranian actress, one of the most well-known actresses in Iran.

Farrahi was born on March 21, 1958, in Tehran, Iran. Farrahi studied Art at the John Powers’ School in the United States. Later, she worked as a professional model for art magazines in California, and in 1985, she left the US and returned to Iran.

Darius Mehrjui noticed her acting talent and in 1989, she began her acting career with Hamoun. Farrahi was best known for her willingness to play the roles of intellectual, independent women who are struggling with family and psychological problems.

Farrahi’s filmography includes, Hamoun (1989), Baanoo (1991 – aka The Lady, released in 1999), Kimia (1995 – aka Alchemy), Cardboard Hotel (1997), Life (1997), Velayate Eshgh (2000 – TV Series), Eteraz (2000 – aka Protest), Khanei ruye ab (2002 – aka A House Built on Water), Pedar e Khak (2001- aka The Father of the Dust), Telesmshodegan (2004- TV Series), Khoon bazi (2006 – aka Mainline), Parkway (2007), Khak e Ashena (2008), Shab va Ghasham be Deltangi (2010), Shish va Besh (2011), Kharash (aka Scra) (2011), and Island (2021 – 2022 TV Series)

Farrahi died on November 25, 2023.

Bita Farrahi Obituary

No Obituary has been published yet.

Bita Farrahi Cause Of Death

Bita Farrahi died on November 25, 2023 of complications from heart and lung disease at the age of 65.

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