Bizarre ‘What Did Michael Jordan Do To A Dog’ Tiktok Trend Explained

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Over the years TikTok trends have gone viral within a space of hours. The social media platform has millions of users who post trends for views, likes, and comments.

A TikTok trend could be a sound, hashtag, dance, or challenge. Sometimes, even the manner in which posts are edited could be a or lead to a trend.

One of such trends making headlines on TikTok recently is the ‘what did Michael Jordan do to his dog’

Bizarre ‘What Did Michael Jordan Do To A Dog’ Tiktok Trend Explained

Michael Jordan is a former NBA star who has won six NBA Championships, as well six NBA Finals MVPs and five MVPs. The former athlete who is also termed as the greatest NBA player of all time by most people is also known for his sneakers brand Air Jordan.

A recent TikTok trend ‘what did Michael Jordan do to a dog‘ has had many people wondering what exactly Michael did to his dog.

An example of such videos could read the caption ‘when you find out what did Michael Jordan do to his dog’ #disturbing #michaeljordan

Now followers are left curious to know what the NBA star did to his dog and that is when the comments section gets filled up with questions like; ‘what happened?’ , ‘what did he do?’, which of the Michael Jordans?, ‘which dog?’, and many others.

The intriguing part of this trend is that Michael Jordan the NBA star did nothing to his dog. This is a post that obviously started out as a joke and has eventually grown into a viral trend.

The trend has been designed to make people desperate, curious and be left in suspense as to to what happened to the dog in question. Let’s get the facts right and straight, Michael Jordan did not do anything to a dog and he does not even own a dog.

This TikTok trend might have started from a satirical website that posts unrealistic stories about the life of celebrities. An article from the website claimed that Michael Jordan’s alleged adored Labrador retriever “Spinee” had undergone a risky surgery and was ‘luckily beginning the slow process of recovery’. The article continued to state that Michael Jordan asked his followers to pray for a speedy recovery for Spinee.

The website has openly stated on its page that all article posts are not factual as most well known celebrities like Bill Gates, Zhang Ziyi, etc. have fabricated stories of all of them owning a dog called Spinee on their website.

So let’s get this right, Michael Jordan did not do anything to his dog and he certainly does not have a pet dog called Spinee.


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