‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Defends Himself After Being Fired Over Alleged Dog Abuse Video

will not be getting back to “Dark Ink Crew: New York” after next season.

On Thursday, a representative for VH1 let TMZ know that the tattoo craftsman and reality star has been terminated from the show after a video of him supposedly manhandling canines seemed on the web.

“We have settled on the choice to cut attaches with Ceaser Emanuel from New York,” the representative said. “Since next season was near completing creation, this choice won’t influence the forthcoming season.”

TMZ found Emanuel after the termination, and he needed to put any misinformation to rest on the video purportedly showing him beating and mishandling canines.

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“See, I know the recording that everyone’s seen, it looks insane,” Emanuel recognized. “Indeed, even me taking a gander at it, it looks insane, yet it’s a second in time I want to reclaim.”

He kept, making sense of that he got back home to find his canines going after one another, adding, “they were going for one another’s neck, fundamentally attempting to kill one another.”

In the wake of letting one of the canines outside, he said he was “apprehensive and I was frightened” to deescalate the circumstance, adding, “I was attempting to back the canine down. I was really attempting to unnerve him.

Not one time was I attempting to mishandle this canine. All I was attempting to do was get him back in his enclosure.”

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At last, he added, “I won’t concoct no real reasons for myself. I ought to have acted better, yet that is not me, with being brutal to creatures. I’m not that. What I did was a slip-up and that was simply it.”

Emanuel likewise uncovered that he parted with one of the canines, since the two canines couldn’t be together, yet that they are both “solid,” adding that he put the canine through preparing school so he could figure out how to oversee it.

Gotten some information about how the recording was spilled, Emanuel said that the recording came from his Ring camera on his home, and that he believes he was “set up.”

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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