Bobrisky Proudly Flaunt His Heavy Backside As He Sets To Book For Another Bum Enlargement Surgery

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Idris Okuneye, better known online as Bobrisky, is a well-known transgender in Nigeria. In a video, he can be seen enthusiastically shaking whatever his doctor gave him.

Kemi Filani recalled that a few days prior, Bobrisky received a lot of attention for his posterior as he enthusiastically danced in a video.

The “queen of drama” used a photo-sharing app to showcase his bottom while encouraging others to do the same by proudly showing off what their doctor provided them.

Flaunt what your doctor gave you, he wrote.

The infamous Bobrisky recently published a video on Instagram showing him visibly shaking his behind.

There was a thank-you note to his doctor included with the video.

Despite the fact that Bobrisky will soon be adding more to his bum, he wants to thank his doctor for what he already has.

He said: “Making more.”

But first, allow me to thank my doctor for this

Kemi Filani remembers Bobrisky complaining about his new appearance a few days prior, saying it reminded him of a prostitute (ashawo in Yoruba).

On his fans’ phones, Bobrisky bemoaned his unattractive looks, saying he appeared to have been in an accident.

He also advised them to utilize iPhone 13 cameras to shoot his pictures rather than Android ones, which would make him look like a former prostitute.

I don’t know what is in certain people’s phones, but the instant they take a picture of you like this, you will resemble someone named Keke Jam, he stated.

Only iPhone 13 should be used to take photos of me; if you don’t have an iPhone 13, keep your phone in your pocket.

I need to cease appearing inside some people’s phones like a retired, old ahsewo.

On his timeline, people have replied to Bobrisky’s post in a variety of ways. Some have added humorous captions, while others have said that he is the one who looks ugly in the pictures.


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