Bolanle Ninalowo Has Opened Up On The Reformation He Took To Win Back His Wife

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Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo has opened up on the reformation he took to win back his wife. The actor’s marriage hasn’t been a bed of roses as the couple had to go through a tough path to keep their marriage afloat.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Bolanle revealed how he almost messed up his marriage with his constant cheating and frivolous lifestyle. He disclosed that because of his shameful lifestyle, he lost control over his wife as she outgrew him.

According to him, he couldn’t call her to pick up her calls because he had lost control over her. To get his wife back, he had to start afresh and detoxify all that he had done. “I needed to take time back to see what I have done to her.

The years when I was feeling so young and cheating all day made it hard. The years when I wasn’t there and pursuing my dreams. I forgot this was a human being that was taking records and taking experiences of how life is as well.

So I became somebody that she didn’t recognize anymore. At some point, I couldn’t call her to pick up my call. The woman I had control over, I had no more control cause she outgrew me. So to get back I needed to start afresh to detoxify all that I have done. It was a process and I had to go back to the bottom”.

Ninalowo prays for women

Bolanle Ninalowo had said a word of prayer for women. Taking to his Instagram page to eulogise women, Bolanle revealed what keeps the fear of God in him. According to him, remembering his mother’s pain in covering him, her unrelenting love and undiluted support and that of his wife keeps God’s fear in him. Bolanle added that it guides and re-directs him when he slips and lets him know how much he owes to their existence. “Knowing my mother’s pain in conceiving me, remembering her unrelenting love & undiluted support even tru all my adversities & wrongs.

Knowing my wife’s pain in conceiving the beautiful kids that gladdens my heart on a daily and remains my greatest source of joy and inspiration. Knowing how much is given up by my mother & wife just for me to exhale. This keeps the fear of God in my imperfect self. It guides me and re-directs me even when I slip and lets me know how much I owe to their existence. Knowing that there couldn’t have ever been me without at least one of them “WOMEN”. There are no perfect humans, however, there is wisdom and the FEAR OF GOD. May God bless and protect my Women & yours. Maka”.

Bolanle Ninalowo and wife

Bolanle Ninalowo opens up on his growth

The father of two had reminisced on his growth and how he changed his life over the years to become better. In a post shared on his Instagram page, Bolanle Ninalowo expressed surprise at how he changed his life over the years and is now an inspiration to himself. According to Bolanle Ninalowo, it took him pain, agony, accepting responsibility, and choosing differently to be the best version of himself.

In his word: “The way I changed my life around over the years for the better! To become the better version of myself! Now I am my inspiration.
The pain & agony it took though!!
I took responsibility, and I Choose a different & the best version of me now in the making!
Thank you Bolanle
May God’s Grace never cease

Bolanle Ninalowo opens up on his marriage


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