Brad Pitt Emily Ratajkowski Age Difference

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William Bradley Pitt is an American actor and film producer. William, popularly called Brad Pitt has been on the media scenes since 1987. Brad is well-known for his leading roles in lots of action and drama films.

Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski is also an American model and actress. Even though Emily was born in London, England, she is recognized as an American national. Emily is also recognized for her activism as a feminist. She has authored a number of articles advocating for women.

Brad and Emily are well-known in the Hollywood. They are both recognized for their strong contribution to the American movie industry.

Brad Pitt Emily Ratajkowski Age Difference

Brad Pitt is obviously older than Emily. Brad was born on the 18th of December 1963, this makes him fifty-eight (58) years at the moment. He would however turn fifty-nine (59) later this year.

Emily on the other hand was born on the 7th of June 1991. She is therefore thirty-one (31) years old currently.

The age difference between Brad and Emily is twenty-eight (28) years.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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