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Brad Pitt salary per movie

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William Bradley Pitt, famously known as Brad Pitt, was born December 18, 1963, in Oklahoma but his family later relocated to Springfield, Missouri where he grew up.

Pitt enrolled at the University of Missouri but dropped out when he was close to attaining a degree in journalism. He eventually moved to Los Angeles where he started pursuing a career in acting.

Brad Pitt has subsequently become one of the most well-known actors today such that, as a result of his vast acting portfolio, many have continued to query how much he earns per film.

Despite his current success, his initial break into Hollywood was when he starred in the film, Thelma & Louise.

Pitt reportedly earns around $20 million per film on average.

His net worth is estimated at $300 million with a usual pay of $20 million per movie however, his salary per film varies just like many actors.

In recent years, the actor has chosen to take a lower base salary in exchange for bonuses dependent on the film’s success.

Pitt has also been involved in several production projects through his company named Plan B.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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