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I’m looking for the man who can cook and clean the house 24/7 to marry – Bridget Otoo

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When it comes to the taste of men that women want to date, there are always specifications they state.

Some of the specs that make the list of most ladies are tall, having six-packs, pink lips, just to mention a few.

However, there are some women that have some high taste that we would have to give them clay to mold their own dream man.

We can say Metro TV News Anchor, Bridget Otoo, falls under the category of the women with high taste as she has listed the requirements of her ideal man.

In a tweet, she said the man she’s interested in marrying must be able to cook and can learn the house 24/7.

I'm looking for the man who can cook and clean the house 24/7 to marry - Bridget Otoo

So if you’re that man that can cook and clean the house 24/7, make yourself available for Ms Bridget for consideration.

Over the years, Bridget Otoo has been known to always make controversial statements. These statements mostly come with backlash from the public.

However, it appears the media personality has a thick skin against what people have to say!


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