Brigitte & Macron Age Difference

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Former schoolteacher Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron is from France. In the 1980s, Macron, who was Brigitte Auzière at the time, taught literature at the Collège Lucie-Berger in Strasbourg.

Brigitte is the former teacher’s wife of Emmanuel Macron, the current co-prince of Andorra, and president of France.

Her office said on January 9, 2021, that Macron had successfully eradicated COVID-19 throughout the holiday season of 2020.

On December 24, 2020, she had a positive test; however, she had relatively mild symptoms, and six days later, she had a negative test.

Brigitte resided at the Élysée Palace, the official presidential house, during that time while the president worked at a different property outside of Paris.

Her administration said that because her health had no bearing on her public agenda at the time, no information about it had been made public.

Brigitte & Macron Age Difference

There is a 25-year age difference between Brigitte and her husband Emmanuel Macron.

Brigitte first met Emmanuel Macron in 1993 when she was 40 years old and working as a teacher at La Providence High School, where Laurence, her daughter, was a student and he was a classmate.


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