BSF Meaning TikTok

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Users of social media always look for ways of making their conversations interesting and fast when it comes to reverting to a message, it is in this regard that people create short handwriting in social media of which Tiktok is not an exception though it came not long ago.

TikTok is a video hosting app owned by Chinese company ByteDance which launched it in the year 2017 and is ranked number among free application downloads on the app store in Thailand.

BSF Meaning TikTok

BSF in TikTok has several meanings but the meaning that BSF is mostly used for is “Best Friend” (a best friend is someone with whom one shares the strongest type of friendship), it can also stand for “Best Sister Friend” on another note it can mean “But Seriously Folks”.

There are some other meanings to BSF and they are Border Security Force, Bible Study Fellowship, and British Softball Federation.


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