Burna Boy Drops ‘Rollercoaster’ Video Featuring J Balvin

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Most of the time, meaning is derived from the lyrics of a song as it is meant to be, however, the visuals of a song send a deeper meaning to the lyrics. This is the reason why most music artists do bring the visuals of the songs they released.

Having said that, self-acclaimed Giant of Africa Burna Boy has released the music video of ‘Rollercoaster’ his collaboration which Latino artist J Balvin. The single is one of the songs off his Grammy-nominated 6th album ‘Love, Damini’ which was released in July 2022.

The single is one of the international collaborations that taps streaming giant J Balvin as Burna Boy aims to connect with the Latino audience.

The music video is the 7th music video off the album after ‘Kilometre’, ‘Last Last’ ‘For You Hand’ feat Ed Sheeran, ‘Vanila’, ‘Whiskey’, and ‘Common Person’. The video is another offering from Burna Boy in 2023 following ‘Whiskey’ and ‘Common’ people music videos.

‘Rollercoaster’ video sees Burna Boy and J Balvin take on central characters as they live out their superstar life in a cinema.

Check it out below:



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