Burny Bos Obituary, Cause Of Death

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Burny Bos was a Dutch film producer, scenarist, and children’s book author who lived from 8 April 1944 until 1 December 2023. He has performed in radio and television plays for young audiences.

He concentrated on film production in the last few years. In collaboration with his society’s Bos Bros, he produced a number of Annie M.G. Schmidt books into family movies.

He was awarded the Gouden Kalf Film Prize for Best Feature Film twice: in 2002 for Undercover Kitty (Minoes) and in 1999 for The Flying Liftboy (Abeltje). The novels Otje and Ibbeltje by Schmidt were made into television shows.

Burny Bos Obituary

At a memorial event, Burny Bos’ life and legacy will be honored.
As soon as this service is prepared, information about it will be accessible.

He has the right to privacy as his family gets through these difficult times and circumstances. The life of was a potent example of determination, fervor, and perseverance.

Burny Bos Cause Of Death

Unfortunately, there is no information currently available regarding Burny Bo’s cause of death. However, we will update this as soon as we find out more.

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